Getting over Mr Right - Chris Manby

Ashleigh finds out via Facebook that she's been dumped by the guy she thought was Mr Right. But unable to just walk away, she embarks on an obsessive campaign to win Michael back and is more than willing to stalk her prey - both in real life and cyberspace. As she works through all the stages of a break-up - from denial when she turns up at his office to propose, through to anger when she constructs a voodoo doll - much more than her love life starts to suffer. This is the perfect book for those wanting to move on to the laughter stage. It's a light-hearted read that provides a very funny take on being dumped.

So what did I think of the book :- I loved the book I really did, I just could not put the book down. For me this book will be in my list of favourite books. Some parts of this book I was laughing out loud ( I just could not stop myself) and there were some parts where I was cringing with some of the thing Ash was doing, but when you read this book it will make you think I would have done the same thing lol. I would tell people to go out and read this book because it really is a fun read.
All the characters in the book are great as they all try to make Ash with this stalker-like behaviour.

I have read other books of Chris Manby and I can’t wait to tell you all what I think of though.

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