Sharon Osborne - Revenge

Sharon Osborne - Revenge
I loved Sharon’s My Autobiography book, I’ve never been a big fan of the Osborne but something about that book made me want to read it and I loved it. I really to advice people to read the book, its all about her and Ozzys life together it really is a good read.
Anyway Sharon Osboune - Revenge when I saw this in the store I wanted to buy it because I wanted to know how she would write about other thing not just her life and because the cover looked really cool. On the front it says “Two sister. One Dream. Winner takes all” which make you want to pick the book up.

Synopsis :- Amber and Chelsea Stone are sisters who share the same dream - huge, global fame. As children they were close, but success has pulled them apart. Both have the looks, the talent, and the star quality - but only one has the ruthless ambition to make it to the very top. And she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Review :- So I think I read this book with in about a day or so I liked the book I didn’t love it like her Autobiography but I did like it. The book is action packed and there is not a dull moment in it. It starts from London then moves to LA. The book has everything in it from suicide, rape, sex scenes, birth and platinum albums.
This is a pacy book and it keeps you interested all the way through, you can not skip a few pages because you will miss so many of the plots in the story you have to read every page. But to be honest you will want to read every page its just one of though books.

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