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Hi everyone so you know that I going to post My Worlds on to my main blog now so I can look at what you all think. So since my girl night in watching Grey’s anatomy I am feeling a lot better and I am starting to feel more like my self again yeah..
So I have to tell you about this ream I had the other day, I dreamt that I was in New York and living my life to the full, I’ve been having this dream for a while now and I’m always doing different thing, I’m there with my best friends Stacey and were having fun and going out. I told her about it and she couldn’t stop laughing. Me and Stacey have been friends for about 10 years or so now, and when we were in school wwe both said that we were going to live in New York for a year and just let free. So the dream just made us both think about that.
To be honest with you all I started to write down my every night dream into sort of a book with the other things mixed into it, its like a bit of my dream and a bit of what I ummm think about how I would change my life.
I was thinking about writing about it in my blog with the post saying My Book, what do you all think?

Love Pavan11/08/10

Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been away, had a really bad start to the week. My husband is a ass big fat ass. My friends think I’m just feeling down because I missed so much of my life I got married when I was 20 so I missed my whole 20s, so they think because I wanted to do so much will my life I feel crap about it now because I have done jack all with it. I some times I HATE………my life I know that’s a really mad thing to say but is true.
I woke up this morning think How much of my life would I change? And the shocking answer was 95% the 5% was my son that is the only think in my life that I would not change, how bad does that make me sound. Does that make me a bad person?
Well I’m going know because other wise I will be typing forever. Lol

Love Pavan xxxx 05/08/10

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