Dreamworld of a Shopaholic

Everyone say hello to Rebecca Bloomwood.

When you look at her she has everything, she's confident, single and happy. She's a journalist and spends he working life telling people how to mange their money, but she spend her leisure time shopping and more shopping.

She's uses retail therapy as her answer to all her worries. Her credit card bills are piling up and her bank is going into draft. She tries to cut back but it just does not work, so she tries to make more money by applying for more jobs.

To escape from her problems she goes to the one place where she will be comforted shopping, it soon hits her hard when her credit cards are not working.

The bank are trying to get in touch with her but Becky tries hard to avoid them. Becky soon starts to appear on the tell on a show called The Morning Coffee. She starts to appear on the show more and more so the bank stop calling her, but Dersk Smeath (the bank manger) is keeping a very close eye on her.

I love this book and everything about it. I t was great and I really do advice girls who love shopping to read this.

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