Shopaholic and Sister

The fourth book in the series, in this book Becky is on her honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

When they arrive back home for Becky's friend Suzi baby christening Luke is in for a very big shock. Unknown to Luke Becky has been spending a little to much and arranging items to be delivered over to her. With this Luke is NOT happy an puts Becky on a strict Budget. Which Becky is finding very hard to and her best friends Suzi has found a new best friend.

So now she is on a strict budget, doesn't have a job and her beloved Suzi has a new friend. But then she receives the best news in the world she has a long lost sister. For Becky this is the best thing ever Finally a sister.

They will have so much in common, they can go shopping together, choose shoes together, have manicures together. Until she meets her and gets the shock of her life. This can not be true. Surely Becky Bloomwood's sister can't hate shopping?

If you ask me each books gets better and better. Becky might be married but that doesn't mean she has settled down.

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