Shopaholic and Baby

In the 5th book, Life could not be more prefect for Becky, she's happily married and is having a baby.

In this book Becky is visiting shop after shop picking up clothes but not for herself but for the little baby she about to have.
Becky faces a;pt of hard decisions in this book such as finding a baby friendly house, the prefect pram, there so much to do. The support she is getting from the family is fantastic.

Becky finds a really way to help with her morning sickness and that is in retail therapy. Becky also gets the best doctor in town, she tried really hard to get this doctors, only to find out that she is Luke's ex! Becky tries to ignore the number of signs that Luke is cheating on her with the doctor. She thinks of a few things to help her figure things out, should she spy in him or not, but on the other hand Luke is very supportive of the pregnancy and acts as if nothing is wrong.

So how will Becky and Luke get through this?

You MUST, MUST read this book I love it.

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  1. Great review! Ooh, that angle on Luke is mighty interesting. :) I also read chick lit, but not as much. Mostly, I read romances these days.

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