Shopaholic Tie the Knot

This book starts with Becky living with her boyfriend Luke in Manhattan. She found the prefect job as a personal shopper at Barney's and is helping her best friend Suzi plan her wedding.
At the wedding Becky catches the bouquet of flowers and later gets a marriage proposal from Luke.

In the book Becky is caught in the middle of her mother who want to plan a big wedding for her in England and Luke's mother who wants to plan her a big wedding at the Plaza in New York, Becky can't seem to say no to either one of them, but the big problem for Becky is that they are both planing the wedding on the same day. As Becky normal does she puts it off to later as Becky does, but when the time comes for Becky to tell one of the mothers where they are getting married, she just can't seem to make a decision and hurts Luke's mother or her own mother.

The book is not so much about the shopaholic thing it is more about Becky's wedding and her inability to say no and hurt people. As this is happening this leads to lies and Luke being the good gentlemen he is keeps telling Becky that it is OK and all he wants is a date and time.

With this book we will sometimes laugh out loud, as it is really fun.


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