I think that every girl in the world should own this book, I got it and loved it, I then got it for my sister and my mum.
For me Victoria Beckham is one of the best style icons out there and people want to copy her style ( I know I do ), but who can afford the top label clothes. NOT ME.

But this book is great she talks about nearly every part of fashion there is, from shirt to pants to shoes to underwear to accessories. For me this is my fashion Bible.

Its got everything from style do's to style no-No's to

  • Learning how to dress for a special occasion

  • Shopping for everyday wear and where to look for it

  • Accessories

  • Helpful looks for holiday

  • Making the most of your wardrobe

At the back of the book it tells you websites of where you can get everything from.

To be honest I can not big this book enough. I loved every chapter, word and picture in it. I've had it a while now and still read it for tips. I can not say a bad word about this book.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion!! I recently got a couple of celeb-reads myself but so far they are only on my TBR list. I will have to add this one as well. I recently had to thinik of what celebrity I would most like to see pen a book for another website I write reviews for, The Chick Lit Club - I chose the cast of Gossip Girl (or any one member even) and Lady Gaga. Who would you choose? BTW I love your site and all the books you cover!! Can't wait to see what's next.

  2. Hey, I wanted to let you know I commented on your BookBlogsNing post. =)