James Patterson

I love James Patterson book and I didn't know which one of his book to choose to write about so I choose one on random and got........

Beach Road. I hop you have read this book because I love it. I started reading this book when I had to go on a 3 hour drive to London and I just could not put the book down I finished the book within 2 days.

So this is what it is about:-

Tom Dunloey has a one man law firm in the richest resort in America, East Hampton, here are the summers to the mega rich and the mega celebrities. His client list comes from the people he grow up with, the people who serve on the movie mogul, the models and the corporate people who walked along the beach every summer.

Then an old friend of Tom's, a local star athlete, is arrested for a triple murder on the beach near a movie star's mansion. Tom know that Dante Halleyville is innocent. Dante asks Tom to represent him in what could be the trial of the century, and this if the first time for Tom that her will be in the public eye.
Tom know that he will not be able to this alone so he recruits Manhattans super lawyer Kate Costello to help him. She's a tough hire because she is his ex girlfriends, and Kate has seen him at his worse.
The main thing that the two of the have to do is figure out who really killed the three girls and why did they go to such big length to set up Dante as the killer. Even thought Tom wonders if Kate can ever forgive him for his past sins the case takes on astonishing dimension which is reveling a world of illegal pleasures, revenge and fear among the mega rich.
With the whole of America watching him, Tom arranges a number of revelations to lure the real killer out of hiding - and what emerges is staggering to everyone. No one could imagine the killer to be this ruthless.
The final scenes of the book unveil the truth which is soooo unexpected that is will leave readers gasping in shock.
I truly loved this book I even got my mum and sister to read is as well and now they are hooked on James Patterson and let me tell you once you read his book you will be too.

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